Con il contributo della Regione Lazio

Inner Tuscia and Sabina have common characteristics linked to a “green” use of the territory, to open-air tourism, to alternative and sustainable well-being, and also to the organization of private events and ceremonies.


Tuscia attracts niche tourism, oriented towards a sustainable holiday, far from traditional tourist circuits, growing especially after a critical period such as the one linked to the health emergency.


In recent years, Sabina has been the favorite destination for visitors from Northern Europe (England, Germany, Holland) but also from China and Australia for short stays (2 days), in relation to its proximity to Rome. Foreigners (English and Dutch) who bought houses in the villages also increased.

The GW brand:

  • characterizes authentic products and non-standardized experiences by leveraging the elements of differentiation of the tourist and agri-food offer of internal Tuscia and Sabina, compared to the Metropolitan Area of Rome.
  • enhances the natural characteristics and livability of the villages, the quality of life and lifestyle of the past, in which the values of authenticity and uniqueness are the basis of a lifestyle devoted to hospitality and the pleasantness of the experience.

The GW brand embraces the themes that will dominate the web and online information scene in the coming years: environment, health, social issues.

Not just tourism therefore, but a culture of sustainability, defense of the territory and its resources, and resilience to global homogenisation. The food and wine and typical products map, for example, will reward tourist and commercial structures that have represented added value for the local economy.