Con il contributo della Regione Lazio
Public entities

Comune di Carbognano - Comune di Trevignano Romano -
Comune di Vacone - Comune di Vejano

Comune di Carbognano
Comune di Trevignano Romano
Comune di Vacone
Comune di Vejano
public school

Istituto Superiore Luigi di Savoia


Sabate Cultural Association - Historical Museum of Peasant Civilization and Popular Culture "Augusto Montori"

It participates in and oversees all planned actions that concern the protection and enhancement of the territory, its traditions and, above all, ensures that the construction of the tourism proposal respects the main objectives of transversality between territories, sustainability of the offer of use of the territory, involvement of the local population and collaboration among operators. The Association founded and now manages the Augusto Montori Museum of Peasant Civilization and Popular Culture in Anguillara Sabazia and since 1992 has been working to safeguard traditions and archaeological heritage and is committed to enhancing the historic center of the town. It has organized various events including "Come try sailing on Lake Bracciano" and has overseen the "A Lake of Fishing" project funded by the Province of Rome and is involved in school-to-work alternation projects with local schools.

Bramante events

Tour operator in charge of preparing and selling packages.

Tuscia Turismo Consortium

Private law body with mixed public/private participation. Founded in 2000 with the aim of qualifying and promoting a sustainable tourism offer through a synergic action of administrators and operators of the territory mainly in northern Lazio, the Consortium has designed and coordinated the implementation of actions and projects aimed at creating a strong territorial identity (Archaeology of memory, Infoshops, Maremma blu and Maremma verde Quality Mark, Charter of Tourist Rights, application of Law 40/2002 in the Maremma area of Lazio, etc.) also within the Cabina di Regia for the activation of the cruise pier at the Port of Civitavecchia, and to promote the idea of sustainable and qualified development for small and medium enterprises, in the areas of tourism, typical agriculture and quality handicrafts. The Consortium's intervention in the project concerns the promotion of collaboration among operators and supporting and advising them in the preparation of a quality offer, playing an intermediary role between institutions and operators, using its contacts both locally, and internationally (it was activated in 2013 a permanent presidium in Yanqing, Beijing's ecological district).

Degl’Innocenti Carlotta​

Project group, Sabina area - Coordinator

Eclettica Srl​

Project group, technical area Communication and web-development agency that provides the service of development of integrated communication of the territory based on consolidated know-how and knowledge of market dynamics: direct marketing, web marketing, SEO, social media marketing, digital strategy, coordinating the different institutional and corporate realities of the territory.

Lang Shining Srls​

Proponent - leader of the Green Weekend project. It coordinated the activity for the establishment of the D.M.O. association and is in charge of coordinating the smooth running of the Green Weekend project as the lead entity, to lay the foundations for a centralized, unique and systematic management of the identified destination, creating a new transversal narrative between the two identified clusters (Health, food and wine and rural tourism; Outdoor tourism) and to support the Green Weekend association throughout the duration of the project in all administrative procedures related to its implementation.

Lupercalia Srl (Camping Parco del Lago)​

The company that manages the campsite is the first of the hospitality operators involved in the project: thanks to the great experience of owner Placido Rosi, national delegate of FAITA FederCamping Lazio and national FAITA treasurer, active in the territorial network of campsites and hospitality in southern Tuscia in particular, the company helps coordinate the structuring of the hospitality system.

Soldaini Armando​

Destination Manager

Villani Graziarosa​

Project group, Sabina area - Coordinator

Wedding Marketing Srls​

Already involved in the organization of international trade fair events, it is a point of reference of three important European clusters specialized in the wedding sector, consisting of about a hundred of operators to whom in advance was proposed to collaborate in the project for the identification of an area near Rome for the organization of private events. The companies interviewed responded with great interest: their representatives, together with cluster coordinators and organizers, will be part of a delegation to be received in the area.