Con il contributo della Regione Lazio

Tourism in Tuscia and Sabina 2020

The tourists in the provinces of Tuscia and Sabina are mostly Italian (1.3 million presences in the Viterbo area and only 59 thousand in the Rieti area), Lazio itself is the starting region in first place (602 thousand in the Viterbo area and 88 thousand in the Rieti area). For both provinces, the percentage of foreigners on the total presence is around 19%.


The province of Rieti – and Sabina in particular – is in the penultimate national place for tourist presences (315,000 in the last six years); the situation in Tuscia and the Lazio Maremma is just a little better, but with reference to some areas closer to Rome, or to the sea.


The still critical question of the accessibility of the internal area of Tuscia in Viterbo remains – mainly characterized by proximity tourism, especially in summer, linked to the presence of lakes (Vico in our case) and the countryside. The ongoing economic reconversion towards tourism, despite various attempts, lacks a real territorial marketing operation with the creation of a network of the main stakeholders. Cultural services, accommodation and catering services are currently applying on the international market in no particular order (Report “Arrivi turistici”, Regione Lazio, 2020).

National trend 2022-2023

Istat reports in 2022 an annual increase in presences, especially of foreigners (+84.8%), while for residents the growth is +12.9% compared to 2021. Even the first provisional data for 2023 (January-February) seem to confirm the definitive recovery of the sector (+45.5% overall visitors compared to the same two-month period in 2022), with significant growth both in foreign visitors (+70 .5%) and domestic ones (+28.8%). If the data for the coming months confirm this trend, it will be possible to record full recovery – and perhaps even exceeding – the pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

+ 84 ,8 %
the presences of foreigners in Italy
compared to 2021
+ 12 ,9 %
the presences of Italian tourists
compared to 2021
+ 45 ,5 %
the total presences of the two months of January-February 2023 compared to
the same two months of the year 2022

Destination wedding in our country

Italy can successfully compete in global competition, being considered as an elective location for the celebration of weddings and private ceremonies.


Italy is already a great attraction for the wedding system, for the “marketability” of a rich monumental artistic heritage and natural landscape and for the extraordinary ability to provide products and services of the highest quality.


Furthermore, the offer is being restructured: the number of Italian regions that are organizing themselves to intercept and satisfy the demand is increasing, proposing new destinations alongside the widely consolidated ones.